The qui team on install. - Jacob Harmeling, Jacquelyn harmeling, matt maher

Jacquelyn Harmeling  creating the butterfly sofa and chairs

Jacquelyn Harmeling creating the butterfly sofa and chairs

Jacob harmeling  creating the "harvest moon banjo" from a 1932 International harvester.

Jacob harmeling creating the "harvest moon banjo" from a 1932 International harvester.



Qui Design Studios was founded by Jacob and Jacquelyn Harmeling in 2007 and is committed to providing their customers with quality one-of-a-kind handmade pieces that will be cherished throughout the years. They focus on the creating of inspirational metal sculpture and timeless, custom furniture designs, along with many other items for a truly custom experience. Their 5,500 square foot design studio and gallery is located  in Orlando, Florida. Jacob and Jacquelyn work together on all aspects of each piece which allows their products to stay true to their original vision and maintain the highest level of quality and detail.

If you see it, it exists for a reason;
if you need it, use it;
if you can dream it, create it.


Jacob Harmeling has been a professional sculptor since 1990. He was raised in a family of artists who have influenced and encouraged his career; his father is a master sculptor of concrete and mixed media and his brother is an abstract oil painter. Jacob has worked in almost all Medias; however, his abilities combined with his passion in metal sculpture have defined him and continuously mold him as a skillful artist. Throughout the last 20 years, he has developed his own style of texture and form through experimentation of welding styles, heat tolerances, multiple media combinations and metal expansion to gain his desired results. He is continuously reinventing his style, by challenging himself and his clients to look past what has been done, and dare to push the envelope on what is possible to be done. This is what defines his art and inspires him to evolve in his trademark styling. Jacob's inspiration for natural earthly elements fuels his desire to mold this rigid media into organic forms. Fire, a significant subject and tool in his work, characterizes his artistic process as well as his spirited personality.


Jacquelyn Harmeling graduated from the University of Wisconsin - STOUT with an Interior Design degree in 2000 and has worked in both commercial and high end residential design ever since. The use of modern design techniques paired with the rustic, earthy elements of nature have gained her a reputation as an "outside of the box" designer in everything she creates. The authentic old wooden barns of her Midwest roots, the architecture influences during her European travels, and nature's organic embrace in her Florida lifestyle have inspired Jacquelyn's interior design philosophy along side her new endeavor in furniture design which she started in 2007 by opening Qui Design Studios. Allowing the materials she works with to dictate how they want to be used, assembled and designed is her preferred process in creating each individual work of art. The piercing element is seen in most of her pieces, which she considers to be her trade mark design style while relying on ingenuitive engineering to give structure, steering away from faux accessories and decoration and sticking to the basic form follows function philosophy. She uses combinations of solid woods, hand honed metal finishes and specialty glass in her designs molding them to live with you not just next to you. I want my clientele to have an extraordinarily engineered piece of art in every design I produce.